Tai Huynh for Chapel Hill Town Council

About Me

I am the son of refugees, the son of people who value the role that communities play in all of our lives. My parents taught me what it means to be a resident in a town, to actively participate in and contribute to places and people that have given so much to me. 

When my parents first moved to the United States, neighbors helped them land their first jobs, get around town, and find housing. Fellow refugees, business-owners, and active neighbors were my community growing up. They taught me that empathy and collaboration are the backbones of strong towns. 

As a first-generation college student, I recognize the contribution students can make to Chapel Hill. We have the power to apply the innovation we are exposed to in the classroom to policy debates that have become repetitive and unproductive. We have the power to demand the change we discuss as dreams. We have the power to be proactive  residents of our town. 

As a resident of Chapel Hill, I realize that this call to action applies not only to students but to all stakeholders--to activists, business-owners, and neighbors. To achieve our town’s goals, young people and stakeholders from Chapel Hill’s diverse groups must be active decision-makers.  As a collaborative community, we have the power make Chapel Hill an affordable place to live, ensure inclusivity in town decision-making, and secure a sustainable future for residents to come. 

Together, we can ensure a more prosperous Chapel Hill. Join us in building a connected and diverse Chapel Hill, committing to a sustainable future, and serving to ensure equity for all. Donate today and together we will have a unified Chapel Hill.




Tai Huynh

May 2019

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