Achieving affordability for Chapel Hill residents of all backgrounds.

"We must move the discussion about affordability away from 'how many affordable units do we get in each development?' and towards 'how can we make sure people from all backgrounds can afford to live in and enjoy our town?'" - Tai Huynh

Key Priorities:
  • Making sure residents can afford to work, live, and play in Chapel Hill.
  • Holding each dollar accountable to its ability to secure affordable housing in Chapel Hill.
  • Implementing workforce development and pathways programs to increase social mobility.




Investing in Chapel Hill's environmental stewardship and adapting to a changing climate.

"I believe that local municipalities have a great charge to fight climate change. Therefore, we should invest in innovation that makes stormwater prevention, green space, and car-optional corridors a reality.” - Tai Huynh

Key Priorities:
  • Cultivating social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • Making Chapel Hill a car-optional Town.
  • Investing in technology that encourages and promotes environmental stewardship on roads and in buildings.




Making Chapel Hill a community that works for all of us.

"I believe a community is healthy when all of its residents are informed, active, and feel like they have a channel to communicate with decision-makers. Prioritizing resident engagement and listening to the needs of the Chapel Hill residents will only drive affordability and sustainability forward.” - Tai Huynh

Key Priorities:
  • Finding new ways to engage with marginalized groups in Chapel Hill.
  • Prioritizing public input in decision-making.
  • Fostering an active relationship between the University and the Town of Chapel Hill.